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SAP Courses: Global Supply Chain


Business Global Trade
processes and
integration with SAP GTS


  • Business flows
  • System integration (SAP GTS)
  • Implementation methodology
  • Organizational set up
  • Challenges, opportunities, risks

This is an opportunity to receive an introduction to the world of SAP Logistic and Global trade. The courses are sequential and cover a range that starts from the overview of the Global trade processes and goes down to the details of the operations and flows in the companies.

The approach is multi-dimensional – its parallelly focus on understanding and mastering the system set up and logic, learn how the business processes of the global supply chain run and last, but not least, get familiar with the mechanics of the methodologies and phases of the project implementation of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.

As an outcome of this first module of the SAP Global trade courses the participants will gain familiarity with the different aspects of the system integration of the Global trade and could help:

  • The business decision makers to drive their implementation
  • The users to enhance their knowledge and their efficiency
  • The consultants to have better insight
  • Those who aspire to step in the world of SAP and understand which of its dimensions suit them the most

Course agenda

  • Session 1

    Introduction to SAP Business Logistics Supply Chain

    Procurement – Warehouse – Logistics Execution – Transportation – Global trade

    • Supply chain Organisation and actors
    • Flows: The objectives of the supply chain manager and its constraints
    • How the supply chain is mapped in ERP
    • What is Global Trade
  • Session 2

    Introduction to Global Trade (SAP GTS)

    GTS Customs / Preference / Compliance

    • Processes and operations covered by SAP GTS
    • System structure and main functionalities
    • GTS integration with the feeder ERP and 3rd parties.
  • Session 3

    Organizational structure

    Master data and Classification

    • First steps of GTS implementation – Organisational framework provided by GTS
    • Customs classification in SAP - HS codes, TARIC, Duties, Measures (including external provider data)
  • Session 4

    GTS Customs: Import and Export integration

    GTS Customs: Special Customs regimes

    • Import flows and integration with feeder system: Clearance at Border / at Warehouse, Transit T1 – options offered by SAP GTS
    • Export flow and integration with feeder system: S4 vs TM
    • Special Customs regimes: Bonded warehouse, IPR, OPR
    • Electronic communication with Customs Authorities
  • Session 5

    GTS Preference: Long term vendor declaration and Preference determination

    • How to manage the Preference determination with SAP GTS: process flow, preference determination, integration with feeder
    • Specific topics: Cross company preference status transfer, Min/Max determination, preference text on the invoice
  • Session 6

    GTS Compliance: License control

    • Thorough explanation of the set up of License control
    • Several Business cases for License control based on national, regulation (EAR, Dual-use, Narcotics) and Goods Distribution Practice (GDP)

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